Antonio G-R

Performer - Fabricator

Antonio has a degree of Electrical Engineering from UC Santa Cruz. He has worked in special effects, both digital and practical for film and commercials. Projects include: The Aviator, Chronicles of Riddik, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and others.

In 2012 Antonio was selected as one of the 10 contestants for Discovery Channel's Reality Competition "Batalla de Ingenios" and was one of the three finalists.

In 2015 he worked with Poetic Kinetics and helped create the 60ft Butterfly and 100ft Catterpillar for Coachella. Also, with Poetic Kinetics, he helped develop the Toruk robotic puppet for the Cirque du Soleil "Toruk" show.

Antonio's expertise extend to a number of fields, ranging from technical design and electronics to carpentry and welding including cooking, baking, fabrication, 3D design and jewelry. Los Angeles CA